Product Warranty

  Dear Customers,
We are glad that you have chosen Panstromasew and we are sure that you will enjoy the mattress for many years to come. Panstromasew makes every effort to ensure it manufactures with the finest materials available. In order to enjoy your mattress we suggest you to read carefully the instructions for use. The mattress ventilation is important both for the mattress as well as for your own health.

Instructions for use:

  • It is required to ventilate the mattress regularly.
  • Do not expose the mattress to the sun.
  • Two sided mattress must be turned from time to time for ventilation, in order to use both sides. Turn your mattress once every two weeks.
  • If the mattress is placed on a wooden platform, you must ensure that there are ventilation holes on the surface.
  • We recommend the use of a mattress protector to keep the mattress clean.
  • Do not stand or jump on the mattress.
  • Do not iron on the mattress.
  • You may dry clean the mattress using a damp cloth.
  • It is important to keep the mattress clean.

Warranty terms:
Panstromasew company is responsible for the purchaser to the foregoing, regulatory activities of the product for a period of 5 years-responsibility ranks. This warranty applies to all the said date of purchase.

  • Warranty valid while the conditions of the upholstery of the mattress are saved, clean aesthetic no stains or excessive moisture, urine spots are very comfortable and supplied with Invalidates the warranty.
  • First 12 months- Full Warranty
  • For the mattress upholstery the warranty is for 12 months only, without any extension
  • Technician visit after 12 months till 60 months, the customer will pay only for the visit and transportation in case that will be needed.
  • All of the above will not covered in case of rack or deliberate damage.
  • All of the above will not be covered in case of damage of non-compatible base.
  • The customer will received a copy of all details changed parts of the mattress.
  • During the warranty period, the company will obligated to fix the mattress by using only new materials.
  • The company is obligated to return the mattress to the customer no longer than 10 business days later.

Warranty for adjustable beds:
Hollandia by Panstromasew is fully responsible for all the bed parts for a period of eleven years from the date of delivery. The fabric is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery.
This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser and only at the original address to which it was delivered by Panstromasew. The terms of the warranty will also apply in the event the bed is transported to a different address if said transportation was done also by Panstromasew. The correct use of Hollandia’s adjustable beds will guarantee you many years of comfort pleasure.
Despite the aforesaid, if after the first 24 months of the warranty validity a failure will occur, which will enquire the visit of a technician,the customer will be charged only for the technician’s fee. In case the repair requires the bed to be moved to our facility, the customer will be charged only for the transport expenses, according to the current Panstromasew price list in effect at the time.
Panstromasew’s Customer service centre is at your service center at telephone no: 22623907

Our center is at your service for the following:
-Information about your bed’s maintenance.
-Information about any additional service of Panstromasew.
-Any questions or requests of our valued customers.