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Dual Comfort
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The Dual Comfort has since its creation been Hollandia’s best selling mattress and continues to dominate all markets that it enters. From the ‘Rested’ perspective this is because it provides an exceptionally well balanced offering that is neither too firm nor too soft for the majority. What is immediately evident is that the feeling of support appears to come from within, whilst the top layers feel genuinely comforting and body conforming. This is Hollandia’s definition of true support. Combined with the additional comfort layer of the unique Hollandia Lux outer fabric, the Dual Comfort is a true ‘baseline’, all be it a very high one, from which we judge all other mattresses. The Dual sided nature of the mattress is yet another string to the bow; an adaptability that allows our clients complete satisfaction according to preference, as is the fact that the cover is removable and washable. The true quality of the mattress is revealed in every detail, from the ventilated 3D fabric sides, to the Aloe vera treated inner fabrics. Available in any size/dimension (including non standard custom shaping & sizing)


SKU: YH-280092192M32 Categories: ,

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