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Beauty Visco
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A pocket spring interior mattress with the highest technology in supporting every inch of your body. Provides independent support and maximum comfort wherever your body needs it.
It has independent pocketed coils, every one pre compressed, energized, to firmly support every inch of your body.
Only Beauty sleep has patented barrel-shaped coils, which are compressed into individual, non allergenic pockets. With this compression, energized support is actually built right into every Beauty sleep… to provide a uniquely revilizing sleep.

Unlike ordinary mattresses, Beauty sleep has independent pocketed coils. These unique pocketed coils are bonded together in the middle, allowing each one to work independently… to firmly support every inch of your body.
Combination of pocket springs and memory foam.

*If you cannot find your size, please contact us for a custom order.



SKU: BEAUTYVISCO92 Categories: ,

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